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A guide to finding the best deals online

deals onlineThere's no question that there are disadvantages to shopping online. For example, you cannot try things on such as clothes, and even the best pictures sometimes do not give you the best idea of what a product is truly like. That said, online shopping offers one, really huge advantage, which is low price. For just about any product I want to buy, I always notice that when I go online, I find a better price for it. This has been true for me regardless of the product type. I've saved money online by purchasing vitamins, contact lenses, electronics, office supplies, and a myriad other items. And because of the potential savings, I try my best to buy as many things online as possible. The good news is that it's almost always possible to buy any kind of product online these days.

Through years of shopping, I've come to realize that there are certain stores online that consistently sell low-priced items. This includes Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, and many other online retailers. But even if you have a favorite store, you should always hunt for bargains and compare prices with several different stores. The easiest way to do this is by using a price comparison website. Google's shopping page is a good place to start, but it is only one of many places where you can compare prices. Nextag, Pricegrabber, and Shopzilla are just some of the other sites you can visit to find the lowest price. Be aware, however, that these sites will only compare prices for stores within its database. It does not always guarantee that you will be getting the absolute lowest price on the Web. Nevertheless, it is a good starting point for finding the lowest priced vendor for a particular product, and it is always the first step for me when I am shopping for a specific item.

Once you find a vendor you want to buy from, you should them look for deals. The most common type of online deal you can find are online coupons, which are provided by many different coupon sites like and The easiest way to find a coupon, however, is to do a simple search in Google. Simply type in the name of the store you chose, along with the word 'coupon' in the search field. You'll be surprised to find that whatever store you are shopping at, there most likely will be more than one coupon you can use to save money, get free shipping, or receive a free gift. Online coupons sometimes require you to enter a code at the checkout screen. Therefore, copy down the code and make sure you enter it when you arrive at the appropriate screen. If you don't do that, you won't be able to claim your discount.

One final thing I will say is that when you buy things online, it's better to buy a large quantity at once. Not only does this open up the possibility of receiving additional bargains, it also qualifies you for free shipping at many vendors. The worst thing to do is buy a small item (such as a pen) by itself and have to pay a relatively large shipping fee. If you shop in such a manner, don't be surprised that you're often paying more for shipping than you are for the product you are buying. As for myself, when I buy things like contact lenses or vitamins, I typically get myself a 6-month supply. This makes life easier for me since I have to place fewer orders throughout the year. And more importantly, I get bulk discounts and lower pricing, along with free shipping, due to the size of my order.

So the next time you are thinking of making a purchase, remember to do what I do. Use price comparison sites to find a good vendor, then search for online coupons for extra savings. For other tips on saving money and finding deals online, check out this video below:


The real benefits of contact lenses

People who need corrective lenses must decide between glasses and contact lenses. In almost all cases, I think contact lenses are the smart choice, and in this article, I will explain why.

acuvue lenses from contact lens kingGetting corrective lenses may feel like a big life adjustment, and it can be if you use glasses. Glasses will change your appearance (often dramatically) and also compromise your peripheral vision. You'll also notice they have a tendency to fog up. Some people also initially get a headache from wearing glasses. Of course, they may also get in the way of playing some sports.

All of these problems, however, do not have to exist if you wear contact lenses instead. A good pair of modern contact lenses are so comfortable that once you put them in, you'll completely forget about them. It's the closest thing to having naturally good eyesight that you can get, short of having surgery. The only reason you shouldn't choose contacts instead of glasses, in my opinion, is if contacts pose a problem for your eyes for some reason. For example, some people have dry eyes that get easily irritated when they wear contacts. For such people, glasses would probably be a better option.

While contact lenses, offer benefits in almost all areas when compared to glasses, there is one big disadvantage, and that is cost. Unless you wear very expensive, designer glasses, you're probably going to find that contact lenses are more expensive to wear and maintain. As you may have guessed from my previous writings, this site focuses on saving money, so let's look at how you can save on contact lenses. One way to offset this cost is by purchasing lenses online and using coupons when available. I always buy my lenses over the Internet and use a AC Lens coupon code. When all is said and done, I only end up paying about 40 dollars for a box of high quality contacts. This is quite a deal compared to what I used to pay. I believe I am saving about 50% on my lenses by buying them at AC Lens and using promo codes or special discount coupons. If you would likewise be interested in saving money on contacts, just click this link for the best contact lens promo codes.

You may or may not want to shop around to find other contact lens stores to buy from. Since the ultimate price you pay depends on what promotions each vendor has going on at any given time, it's difficult to say exactly which store will have the lowest price. The best approach is therefore to compare prices among major stores like, AC Lens, Walgreens, and 1-800 contacts. Go with the vendor with the lowest price, then as a final step, search for online coupons to see if you can save even more.

Halo Cigs: Great, branded e-cigarettes at a price that's right


I've been looking for the perfect e-cigarette for some time now. Unlike many other people who vape, I always favored smaller cigarettes that are roughly the same size as regular cigarettes. But sadly, the market for such e-cigarettes can be a bit thin. I've tried generic Kanger batteries, which were pretty decent. The Kanger cartomizers, however, were another story altogether. I don't know what they put in their cartomizers, but I noticed a weird, chemical taste which didn't go away until you used it for a couple days.

Fortunately, I eventually found Halo E-cigarettes, which is currently my favorite e-cigarette company. As a branded e-cigarette, Halo's G6 (their thin, small ecigs) cost a couple dollars more than generic e-cigarettes. But I find that overall, they are a more attractive choice and the batteries last a really, really long time. Halo especially shines with their cartomizers. They deliver flavor very well and do not give me the chemical taste that I get from other cartomizers. If you want to save money on Halo Cigs, there are two things you should do.

  1. Use Halo Cigs coupons. You can get them from sites like E-cigbargains, and they will allow you to save 5% across the board on anything you purchase from the site.

  2. Wait for a special promotion. These are usually advertised quite heavily on the home page. When there is a promotional offer, you can stock up on whatever item you're purchasing.

Dating Online vs. Speed Dating: Which Is Better?


Online dating has really become big in recent years. Sites like, Eharmony, and Christian Mingle routinely have commercials on major networks, and just about everyone has heard of these sites. By contrast, speed dating has never really picked up much, although there are a fair number of people who have tried it out.

Between the two, however, I do think speed dating may be a better option for some people. It’s just too easy for people online to project a different image from how they really are. With speed dating, you at least have some face-to-face interaction with an individual. And if you’re the perceptive type, such interactions will give you a lot of information about the other person.

On the other hand, you have a chance to scan through more potential members by joining a dating site. The key is to not keep the relationship online for two long. If you hit it off with someone, I’d advise meeting up with them as soon as you can to learn more about what the person is like in person.

If you decide to try online dating, the #1 site to join in my opinion is They offer a 3-day free trial which is enough for you to assess how the site works. The reason I like is that they seem to have the highest quality members for a site of its size. There are a couple other sites that are as large, but I have found the members aren’t quite as good as when it comes to how interactive they are.

Do We Still Need Printers?

printer modelI'm pretty sure that in another 10 or 20 years, our society will be almost entirely paperless, and printers and even paper products may become a thing of the past. Even today, I ask myself sometimes if I really need a printer anymore. While I can get relatively cheaply at places like Inkfarm, I still hesitate to invest much in printers and other hardware.

A lot of things we used to print, like documents, books, etc., can now be read on mobile devices. Even things like invoices and receipts are often just stored electronically. In my own life, as well as in business, I have noticed the amount of printing I do has fallen drastically in the last five years or so. Overall, I believe this trend has been a good thing. Just think of all the trees we are saving by reading books on eReaders like Kindle. In this case, it appears that technology has helped address what was a pressing environmental concern not too long ago.

But unfortunately, I do think we still need printers for the time being. For businesses, there is still a good deal of marketing that can be done with paper products. Brochures, flyers, and postcards are good examples of this. And while you may be concerned about running a green business, you should not forgo marketing techniques if they still work. Even though printing things can be costly, especially when you use a professional printing service, the cost can be worth it if it generates a good amount of business for you in return.

When you do printing of your own, you'll probably notice that you need lots of ink, especially if you are printing for business and use an inkjet printer, like so many of us do. The best way to get ink cartridges for less has been to buy them online for a long time. But you shouldn't be purchasing OEM ink, as those types of cartridges tend to be the most expensive. Instead, opt for the remanufactured or compatible cartridges. You can find these at the top online ink cartridge stores like Inkfarm. Don't forget to use coupons and promo codes when possible as well, which will allow you to buy printer ink cheaply. You always want to do some research and try to get the best deal you can.

Should You Itemize Your Deductions?

Each year, people who file tax returns must decide whether or not they should take the standard deduction or itemize their deductions. For some people, the decision is an easy one. But for others, who have many potential deductions like a mortgage or high state income tax, it can be tricky to figure out which type of deduction you should take.

The easiest way to know is by compiling a list of all the things you can deduct on your returns. It's important to look this up as many people are unaware of the deductions they are allowed to take. You may very well quality for a lot more deductions than you originally thought. Once you have a list of all your deductions, then gather your records and add up the deductions. If the amount exceeds $6300 (which is the standard deduction as of this writing), then you are better off itemizing your deductions. Note, however, that itemizing deductions takes more work. Therefore, if your total itemized deductions is just slightly over $6300, you may want to just use the standard deduction. This is especially true if you use a tax service and will be charged a higher rate for preparing a more complicated return.

With that being said, I do believe it's in your best interest to do your tax preparation on your own using software like Turbotax. This puts you in the driver's seat, and the program will automatically calculate what type of deduction you should take. I'll be the first to admit that it may feel rather daunting to have to prepare your own taxes. But what you need to know is that if you use a software program such as Turbotax, the program will guide you every step of the process. In some cases, you may need to do a bit of research on your own, but this is easily done on the internet. Aside from that, you just answer questions that the Turbotax program poses to you, and your returns will be filled out accordingly. The best way to see how the program works is by using the free edition of Turbotax, and you can get it from The software can be used 100% online, and you can therefore get started right away. You will need to create an account, but after that, you can use the program for free to prepare your returns. If you are happy with the return the program generates, you can then file it electronically if you buy the program. Note, however, that in some cases, you will be able to e-file for free as well. This option is only available to those who have really straightforward tax returns. Most people, unfortunately, will need to buy the program in order to submit their returns. But the good news is that you'll still end up saving money compared to what you might pay using a standard tax preparation service like Liberty or H&R.

Are Disposable Contacts Better? discount codeEver since I started using contact lenses 10 years ago, I've been in search of the most comfortable soft contact lenses. My goal has been to come as close to having a new pair of eyes as possible. I have to admit, I've come pretty close with extended wear lenses. The ones I currently wear are called Night & Day, and once they are in my eyes, they are so comfortable that I usually forget about them completely.

But this brand of contacts is not without its faults. I wear them for a month before replacing them, and I sometimes find that toward the end of the month, they begin to irritate my eyes or become uncomfortable. I am not quite sure why this is so. It could be because I do not rub them for 15 seconds with contact lens solution every night, as is recommended by most optometrists. But even when I do that, they still cause problems from time to time.

This got me to thinking that maybe I should switch to daily disposables. Since dailies are replaced each and every day, I will always be wearing a brand new pair of lenses. It sounds appealing, so I got some daily disposables to try from my optometrist a few weeks ago.

One thing I noticed right away was that the lenses were even softer than the extended wear lenses I normally wear. This made them harder to put on. Once they were on, however, they did feel quite good. I then researched how much it would cost to switch to daily disposable lenses. Unfortunately, most daily disposables are significantly more expensive than other types of lenses. In fact, I found that on the whole, they cost about twice what I am currently paying. These prices were based on what charges for the lenses. I did, however, check prices at a few other stores, and found they cost even more at the other stores. Normally, I use contact lens promo codes from to bring down the price I pay for my contacts. But even when you factor that in, daily disposables were a bit too pricey for me.

As a result of my findings, I have decided to stick to my current contact lenses. I may consider switching to daily disposables in a few years, however, if the prices come down. The bottom line is that, if you can afford it, daily disposables will provide the greatest amount of comfort for your eyes. For those who are on a budget however, the cheapest way to get good contact lenses is to order them online from stores like, and to use promo codes to get the best deal possible at any given time.


A Way to Bet Online

Cyber casinos have come a long way. At first they were casinos mostly located offshore, which were questionable at best. These days, there are many reputable casinos you can play at. But one issue remains for people in many jurisdictions, which is finding a way to fund their accounts. Understand, online gambling is still a gray area legally, in many countries and jurisdictions. Because of this many credit card companies and online payment companies refuse to process transactions from certain jurisdictions, even when an argument can be made that those jurisdictions clearly allow online gambling. This can be frustrating for many potential online gamblers.


But in recent years, a unique solution has emerged. Many casinos today accept payments in the form of cryptocurrencies. For those who are not in the know, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies such as bitcoin, dogecoin, monero, and many others. Today, there are dozens of major cryptocurrencies, but bitcoin still reigns supreme. Acquiring these currencies is usually pretty straightforward, and requires you to purchase them through an exchange. Once you have them, you are in business, and can deposit them into bitcoin casinos, dogecoin casinos, or any number of other casinos that accept digital currencies. In most cases, the payment will be accept right away, and you can begin betting within minutes.

If you haven't tried online gambling yet, you are certainly in for a treat. The games on the whole are colorful and fun. You may think that playing slots, poker, or roulette online may not be as engaging as playing in a real casinos. In many cases, you may be right. But you'll be impressed at how fun online casino games are. For the most part the games have sound effects, music, and other bells and whistles that make for a very immersive experience.